Monday, May 5, 2008

Out for a Stroll

Anna and Madelyn in the double wide

Last night we took a family stroll to the neighborhood park in our Maclaren Twin Techno. I was nervous at first about putting Madelyn in there so soon even though the stroller seats recline and the stroller came with removable infant headrests. Even with the infant headrest I did not feel there was enough support for Madelyn's neck and head. As a baby gift, I had received the Snuzzler by Kiddopotamus and so I put that into the stroller and it made for a nice comfy fit for Madelyn. Anna enjoyed being in the new stroller and having her sister beside her

You can definitely tell this is an umbrella type stroller and I wouldn't want to use this for taking long walks, but I can see that it will be convenient for places like the mall. The stroller is fairly light weight, easy to use and folds up well. When pushing I could feel the slight drift Anna's way since she has an additional 20 pounds on Madelyn, but it was still easy to push. I'm not sure how well the sunshade will work for Madelyn on a sunny day for you can see in the picture that she is not protected from any sun coming in through the front.

I could see this stroller becoming more useful as the girls get older.



Anna Childress said...

Madelyn is precious!! Congratulations! Hope we get to meet her soon.

P.S. I also read an older post where you had written about round ligament pain. I had that, too! YOUCH! Bet you're glad that's over with!!

como nos queremos!! said...

You just addressed my concerns about the Maclaren Double stroller for a newborn and a toddler. I am going to follow your lead and get the extra support for my new baby girl (snuzzler by kiddopotamus).