Monday, May 19, 2008


Another favorite past time of ours is coloring. Anna does a great job with both crayons and markers. Currently, our crayons of choice are a small box of jumbo crayons - Anna seems to now do better with these than the Crayola TaDoodles crayons. The TaDoodles were great for awhile but Anna started throwing them off of her highchair to hear them thud since they are so heavy.

My preference of marker is the Crayola Color Wonder markers. These are great because I don't have to worry about Anna getting marker on her clothes or the table since they only show up on the Color Wonder paper. One thing about the markers that I wish I had never shown Anna was how to put the marker tops back on because she is now obsessed with it. No marker can go longer than a second or two without its top on and when the top won't go on she gets extremely frustrated.

Anna coloring and putting the caps back on the markers

Oh well, coloring is still a nice downtime activity that I can do with Anna and still have a hand free for Madelyn.

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