Wednesday, May 7, 2008

1 Week Old

As of last night, Madelyn has been here for a week. On one hand the week has flown by with so many visitors and the excitement of having a newborn in the house; on the other hand it feels like weeks since I was in the hospital. We are adjusting to our new sleep schedule (sleep whenever we can!) and learning more ways to entertain Anna around the house. Two on two I feel like my husband and I can tackle anything and we are frequently doing the divide and conquer technique.

Madelyn is actually a pretty good sleeper (I sadly cannot remember this time with Anna very well). Of course, she can sleep forever if I am holding her but she can do a couple of good hours of sleep in her pack n play or crib as well. This will be helpful when I'm by myself and need my arms free for Anna. This has been a wonderful week!

Madelyn 6 days old

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