Thursday, May 8, 2008

Loving my Diaper Bag

I am very much a purse girl - my closet is full of purses in different colors and sizes. After Anna got older and I no longer had to carry around toys and bottles and all of those "just in case" items, I traded in my diaper bag for a regular purse. With two, I figured I would need something a little larger than my standard purse (and hopefully something that was easier to clean) and so I set off to find the perfect diaper bag for me. It is amazing how much you can spend on a diaper bag if you really tried (upwards of $500) - who would have thought?!? After reading about the Emily bag by Storksak on my friend's blog, Trendy Taylor, I decided it was perfect, though pricey. My husband decided to get the bag for me as a birthday gift and I was able to find it at a discount at the online boutique, Tiny Truffles, so we ordered it and it quickly arrived.

This bag is great - what else do you expect from a diaper bag Angelina Jolie carries :). It has lots of pockets on the inside which make it easy to keep Madelyn and Anna's stuff separate and the two pockets on the front allow me to access my cell phone quickly. On each side are insulated zippered pockets for bottles and sippy cups which not only keeps the items cold but also prevents sippy cup spills in the bottom of the purse (which I know all too well!). If you're looking for a splurge, I recommend this bag.

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