Wednesday, May 14, 2008

It Happened...

Yesterday I had my first outing away from Madelyn. For Mother's Day my husband got me a pedicure and watched both girls while I went to have it done (thanks again hubby!). I got there and went to the lounge where I found it difficult to relax and I kept checking the time wondering if Madelyn had woken up and was ready to eat again. The lady came to take me to the nail room and put a hot warmer around my neck, aaaaaahhhhh, and I did my best to relax. The lady doing my toes spoken very broken English and so our conversation was rather limited. Our one conversation went like this: She said something I couldn't understand and pointed at my stomach (surely not), I asked her to repeat so she once again said something I could not understand and put her hand on her own stomach (does she think I'm...), I asked her to repeat one more time, she said "are you married?". I'm guessing by the end she figured out I wasn't pregnant. I told her I had a 2 week old baby and she quickly put her hand to her mouth.

I know it is fairly common for women who have just given birth to be mistaken for pregnant - it's not like the weight you've acquired over 9 months has suddenly disappeared nor has everything gone back to its original location (does it ever?) - but I had never been on the receiving end. On one hand it is comical, on the other it is a little blow to the self esteem. You can bet I held my stomach in the rest of the visit. I guess it's time to start the situps :).

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