Monday, May 12, 2008

A Big Weekend

The girls had a fun-filled weekend. On Friday Madelyn attended her first playgroup. She bravely slept in her carseat as Anna's friends touched her toes and tried to rock her. I have often thought how Madelyn will spend a lot of time going to events for Anna rather than playgroups of her own - I guess that's just part of being the younger sibling. However, three other of my mommy friends in Anna's playgroup are having babies in October, so Madelyn will have kids to play with too, which is exciting.

On Saturday we went strawberry picking at Pope's Farm in Knightdale with Aunt Susu and Uncle Aaron.

Anna Picking strawberries

Anna wasn't able to pull the strawberries from the plant so her job was to put the strawberries into the bucket.

Picking strawberries

I tried to carry Madelyn around in the Baby Bjorn but she was too close to her food source and was not content to stay in there, so I spent most of the time sitting in the car with her.

After naptime we took a family trip to the neighborhood pool which we joined for the first time this summer. It is so nice to have a pool within walking distance. We once again loaded up the girls in the BOB (still loving the stroller!) and got to the pool just in time for pool break. Anna was ok with that - she enjoyed watching the other kids run around and had no clue about the pool. When break time was over, my husband took Anna into the family pool which has beach-entry (8 inches deep) while I sat in the shade with Madelyn. I can see how it may be difficult for me to visit the pool by myself and watch both girls, but I'm going to give it a shot this summer (probably with some girlfriends in tow.) Anna played for about 10 minutes and was ready to go home, oh well - next time we will bring some water toys.

The weekend ended with a nice Mother's Day spent in Burlington where we had lunch with my mom. The girls once again did so well (for Madelyn that means she slept the whole time). It was a great Mother's Day!

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