Saturday, May 3, 2008

Coming Home

After 2 nights at the hospital, Madelyn and I came home Thursday afternoon. How great to be home! When we arrived, my sister-in-law had just put Anna down for a nap so we were able to introduce Madelyn to the family one by one. First was our dog, Cassie. I'm not sure if Cassie remembered us bringing Anna home in the car seat or not but she seemed almost scared of it. She did manage to make a few sniffs in the general direction of Madelyn but since then has kept her distance. A little while later Anna woke up and I quickly went upstairs to see her. I made the mistake of getting her out of the crib, ouch - oh yeah I just had a baby. Even though Anna had come to the hospital on Wednesday to visit, she was rather scared of me sitting in the hospital bed and so I wanted a few minutes together to get some hugs and kisses. When Anna came downstairs she sat in my husbands lap and then we handed him Madelyn so that the two could meet again (at the hospital Anna didn't pay a lot of attention to Madelyn). That's when this picture was taken which I absolutely love!

Daddy, Madelyn, and Anna

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