Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pregnancy Cravings

Last night Anna and I sat outside under the stars and enjoyed frozen custard mixed with pineapple; today it was a slice of a cookie cake. Thankfully my husband comes home on Thursday and I'll be less inclined to indulge my every whim. As I thought about the topic of pregnancy cravings tonight I found myself wondering - do such things really exist? I know the stereotypes of pickles and ice cream and a BabyCenter article reported that 85% of women have at least one pregnancy craving so I know they are legit.... just maybe not for me this go around. With Anna I craved anything spicy - I loved getting nachos at baseball games loaded with jalapenos and my main meal ordered out was buffalo wings with extra sauce. This pregnancy I never seem to know what I want to eat and if I'm honest would say eating sweets is more about being able to (no one can tell which pound is ice cream and which is baby :)) rather than an intense craving. The other issue is I have little eyes watching me that want to eat or drink everything I am having. This is actually a good thing - it keeps me walking around all day with a glass of water rather than tea or fruit punch and has allowed a bag of easter candy to last over two weeks when normally it would have lasted two days. I think for tonight's snack I'll have some grapes :).

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