Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Anna's First Ear Infection

Anna has had a cold for a little over a week now - mainly a runny nose and a vicious cough. I took her to the doctor yesterday to have her checked out before we head to Florida. Turns out she has a mild ear infection in one ear. The cold/ear infection has not kept her from playing as hard as she can, but I have noticed a difference in how well she is sleeping, a lessening in appetite, and increased fussiness. I was given a prescription for Amoxicillan but per doctor's recommendation I am waiting to have it filled. The hope is that she is on the upswing and that she will not have to take the antibiotics. We were given the ok to go ahead and fly so our trip is still on to spend Easter with my family. - sunshine and beaches here we come.

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Cindy said...

Poor baby! And poor mommy too - it's so hard when they are sick. Enjoy the sunshine! We're living in it all the time now and loving it! Happy Easter to you, Erik and Anna!