Monday, March 10, 2008

Our Trip to Toys 'R Us

We decided to take a family trip to Toys 'R Us to look for Anna a slide. I call it a trip because there is not a Toys 'R Us in Raleigh so we had to head out to Cary. I had forgotten how much fun a Toys 'R Us store could be and on every aisle I saw something that I would have loved to buy Anna. I showed restraint and we only ended up with some sidewalk chalk and a slide (blog entry on the slide to follow). While we were in the store Anna played on the slides, threw a ball around the store, played in a miniature kitchen and tried to ride on every pink tricycle - what could be more fun? When it was time to leave we put a slide in our cart and headed to the check out lane. When the lady took the slide out of the cart to ring it up Anna completely lost it. She started screaming and tears flowed down her face - this continued for 20 minutes! I noticed other parents around the store with crying children and even had a lady comment to me that she too had once left the store with a screaming child. I wasn't embarrassed or mad - I felt bad for Anna because she couldn't understand that we had bought the slide for her.

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