Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Vacation

We are now home from our Easter vacation to Florida. We had a wonderful time visiting with family, enjoying the weather and eating lots of yummy food.

Travel: Anna did great on the airplane both ways (she is still in our laps) and on the hour flight needed little more than a snack or two to keep her entertained. I was a little worried that her ear may bother her from the cabin pressure but she didn't seem to notice. Our flight to Florida was rather turbulent but Anna thought the plane going up and down was fun - I'm pretty sure she was the only one on the plane that felt that way. This go around we decided to have the car rental agency put a car seat into the car rather than lugging ours down there - this turned out to be a good decision and was reasonably priced ($30ish for the long weekend).

Beach: Anna loved the beach. This was the first time she had been in the sand since she was 8 months old and it was a much different experience since she could walk and was not putting it in her mouth. Anna enjoyed picking up seashells and having a wide open space to run around. She did make it down to the water once and fell, brrrrrrrr - that was the end of that.

Ponte Vedra Easter Vacation

Walking Around: Another favorite thing of Anna's this trip was simply walking around holding someone's hand. I think half of the pictures I took this vacation having Anna doing just that. She would walk to breakfast (talking up a storm), walk to lunch and walk anywhere else we needed to go.

Ponte Vedra Easter Vacation

There's more to share but I have a little girl who got accustomed to much more exciting things than hanging around the house with her mommy so off we go to play.

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