Sunday, March 16, 2008

Neighborhood Egg Hunt

Yesterday Anna went to her very first Easter Egg Hunt. Our wonderful neighborhood seems to have an event for every holiday and Easter is no exception. There was the obvious egg hunt and easter bunny but also pony rides, a "train", baby chicks, and a few activities for older kids - it was a blast. We were even able to meet up with all of Anna's neighborhood friends to share in the experience. The events started with the egg hunt where tons of colored plastic eggs were strewn about through the gated playground for the 2 and under crowd. When it was time for the hunt to start it was so cute for most of the kids wanted to play on the playground rather than pick up the eggs. We found Anna a spot out of the way and let her pick up the ones around her.

Egg Hunt

We then tried out the pony rides and train, Anna enjoyed them both.

Egg Hunt - Riding a Pony Egg Hunt - Choo Choo

An hour from when it started (though it felt like 3!) we were back at home. What a fun time!

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