Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Vacation Part 2: Food, Food and more Food

One key activity that always seems to be prevalent on our Easter vacation is eating. Perhaps this is because there are 20 of us afterall and mealtime is when we are all together - or maybe it's just that the food is so yummy! I am sure to make my doctor happy when I weigh in at my appointment next week! Anna greatly enjoyed the food as well, especially breakfast. Every morning we would walk over to the breakfast buffet where Anna would spend an hour eating fruit and muffins and watching the family come and go from the breakfast table. For dinner the family all dines together as well, but small kids stay back in the rooms since it is a formal coat and tie setting (this is just the way it has always been even when I was little).

Anna stayed back in our room with her Rent a Nanny. Yes, I said Rent a Nanny and it really isn't as scary as it may sound. The resort had recommended a nanny service to us and I was able to make all of the arrangements before arriving in Florida. The service provided us with the same nanny for all three nights and gave me lots of information about her. When the nanny arrived she went right to where Anna was eating and took over - it was nice to see her comfort with Anna. I have only left Anna with family and my best friend so I was a little worried how well Anna would do - but Anna seemed to really like her which helped me enjoy my dinner. Each night when the nanny came back she would bring toys for her and Anna to play with. To me it was a great experience, though we definitely paid for it.

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