Friday, March 7, 2008

Pictures Galore

A friend of mine took her twins to Portrait Innovations and the pictures came out so cute that I had to take Anna as well. I had heard many good things about Portrait Innovations and with an advertised special on their website of $9.95 for tons of pictures I thought we couldn't go wrong. They do not have a studio in Raleigh but do have ones nearby in Cary and Durham. I decided to go to the one in Burlington so that Anna's Mimi could come with us. We dressed Anna in her Peaches 'N Cream Butterfly dress, wetted down the cowlick and off we went. I had high hopes for this place since they advertise on their website photographers who can make portraits that are moving. I thought this would be perfect since Anna doesn't like to sit still. I don't know what I was expecting - them to follow her around while she played? - I'm not sure, but I should have judged from the pictures on the website that they still want them to sit there in the cute little wicker chair or to hold the flower and gaze into its center. Needless to say this was not on Anna's agenda - she wanted to play with the lady who was taking her picture.

I am starting to see a pattern with having Anna's picture taken:

1) I get excited, pick out an outfit or two and start to envision these beautiful pictures
2) We get there and Anna wants to do her own thing and definitely not sit on the box that all the studios undoubtedly have (do other 16 month olds?)
3) I feel frustrated and my motto becomes "we just need one good one"
4) The photo session is over, I'm sweating and thinking we will not do this again (this would be my 3rd go around :))
5) There are 1 or 2 pictures that make me smile and think the whole experience is worth while
6) I forget I said I wasn't going back!!

This experience was no different - there were 2 photos that melted my heart. It took awhile for me and the sales lady to get on the same page about the $9.95 special (my package started out over $100!) but I felt in the end it was worth the $40 I did spend. In a previous blog entry I mentioned our trip to Picture People. I felt my experience at Portrait Innovations was far superior though it is probably unfair for me to compare the two now that Picture People has too gone digital - hopefully it makes for better quality photos.

I think we are done with pictures for awhile. I can't imagine trying to do this with two little ones though once we pull out the matching dresses, it may be hard for me to resist :).

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