Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rhyme Time at the Library

Since it was cold outside yesterday my neighborhood walking crew decided we would take our little ones to the North Regional Library for Rhyme Time rather than take them outside. I had previously been to Baby Lapsit at the library which was intended for prewalkers but this was the first time I had been to this event. It is intended for walkers up to age 3. New for 2007, you now have to get a "ticket" beforehand so that they can limit the number of people in the story time room to 100 though admission is still free. We chose the 9:30am time slot and there didn't seem to be a rush for the tickets but the librarian told me that occasionally they have to turn people away. The program lasted for about 25 minutes and consisted of songs, the reading of a book and the most popular event, bubbles. Once the bubble came out the kids chased them around the room and then everything was over.

Anna was pretty shy while we were there. She sat in my lap most of the time and didn't interact with many of the other kids. It will probably take going a few more times before she will start to enjoy the program and to understand what's going on.

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