Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Capturing Memories

A few days after Christmas we decided to use some gift cards that we had received as gifts and purchase a video camera. To me a video camera was one of those things that is a "nice to have" during certain moments, but I never viewed it as something that I thought we should buy. As Anna got older I found myself saying "we've already missed the first moments, why start now". However, when we discussed what to do with our Best Buy gift cards over the holidays it seemed the perfect time to buy one. We decided to purchase a Sony DCR-HC28 which was one of the least expensive cameras out there. My husband wrote a more technical review of the camera but I like that it is very light weight and can be whipped out and ready to go at a moments notice to capture those precious memories. I'm not sure that the video camera will be pulled out with great frequency but to me it has already proven invaluable. Due to geographic distances and other various factors over the past year, Anna's grandfather has never seen his two granddaughters play together. Thanks to the video camera, he has now.

I'm hoping to get a video or two of Anna out on my blog, but for some reason I'm having technical difficulties :), so maybe one day!

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