Friday, January 25, 2008

26 Week Checkup

Today I had my 26 week check-up. Check-ups these days are like clockwork - weigh in, blood pressure check, iron check, urine sample, measure the belly (uterus) and listen to the heartbeat. Today there was the additional glucose test. I personally "like" the orange sugar substance that you have to drink an hour before having your blood drawn. To me it tastes similar to those Lil' Drinks that I drank as a kid. My only "concern" of the day was in my weight gain which has been under the numbers in the prenatal books. The doctor (probably chuckling that a pregnant woman was wondering if she had gained enough weight) assured me that everything was progressing wonderfully. This pregnancy has gone so smooth which is such a blessing. I still think all of the exercising plus plenty of sleep have made it so. I must admit, I really enjoy being pregnant.

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