Thursday, January 17, 2008

Busy Ball Popper

The number one toy around our house these days whether it is just Anna and I here at the house or if one of her friends is over is the Playskool Busy Basics Busy Ball Popper. The idea is that this toy shoots plastic balls into the air and then catches them in a tray over and over again. Anna got this toy last Christmas (at 2 months old) so she didn't have a lot of use for it at the time so I stored it away in a closet. We would bring it out whenever kids over 2 came to visit and they LOVED playing with it. Anna now gets the same joy out of it. If a friend comes over Anna will walk over to the ball popper, push the button (of course lots of loud music starts playing), and then Anna will dance with excitement. She even knows how to put the balls back into it if they roll out onto the floor. This seems to be a great toy for kids one year and older. Here's Anna and her cousin playing with the ball popper.

Tori and Anna playing with the ball popper

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