Saturday, January 26, 2008

Date Night turned Family Night

Tonight my husband and I were going to have a date night - I think only the second or third since Anna was born. Anna has stayed with my best friend numerous times for Erik and I to do stuff, but rarely do we plan a night for just the two of us. With Anna being sick, tonight didn't turn out to be date night either. Oh well... we still had a nice night with yummy takeout, a friend, and a baby who fell asleep in her high chair at 6:00pm. Before we had Anna people told us we should plan a date night every month and while in theory that sounds great, it just didn't happen for us and I think that is just fine. We may have not formally gone out to the hottest places around town but equally fun for me were evenings of Scrabble, take out and Dairy Queen. To me it is more about spending quality time with the one you love rather than what we are doing or where we are.

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