Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fun at the Car Wash

Being the first day that the temperature has hit 60 in a few weeks, Anna and I headed out to the car wash to take care of the milk spills and goldfish crumbs that have been hanging out in the car since the fall. We went to one of the low water use car washes close to the house and I was pleasantly surprised. This must have been the gourmet car wash for it was complete with a coffee bar, huge greeting card display (??) and even a nice changing table in the restroom. Like most car washes, it also had huge windows so that you could see the cars going by. Anna loved it!! Every time the water would start and the wipers would start turning, she squealed and pointed in amazement. I think this could have kept her attention for an hour easily but our car was done 15 minutes after we drove in so it was time to head home. Now it's outside we go to enjoy the weather!

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