Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wee Walkers

This past week I took the girls to Durant Nature Park for a program called Wee Walkers. It is intended for those age one year and up and is basically a walk through one of the various trails at the park with a guide pointing out various "nature things". It was a fun hour but I must admit I wasn't quite prepared for the terrain. I strapped Maddie to me in the Baby Bjorn and let Anna run free. All was going well as we took the trail to the "Secret Creek" until we came to an area with rocks, which were slightly slippery, that dropped off into a creek. Not the safest place for a two year old and of course Anna didn't want to hold my hand. So I held onto Anna's sweatshirt hood for dear life while trying to balance myself and keep from taking Maddie and myself down. I hear there are other trails that are a little better for toddlers that they take whenever people come with strollers - maybe next time I can suggest this :). Another thing that I was not prepared for were the mosquitoes. I don't know why this took me by surprise (perhaps I was envisioning something not quite so woodsy) but I came home with TONS of mosquito bites. After about 35 minutes we emerged from the woods at the playground which was a perfect end to get the final energy out before naptime.

In hindsight it was fun (plus it was free!) but I have to admit it left me exhausted. I think we may give it another shot WITH bug spray.

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