Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Hill Ridge Farms

On Saturday we headed north to Youngsville to Hill Ridge Farms. I had gone to the farm on several occasions during college but this was the first time my husband and the girls had been. We got there around 9:30am which was a good thing because the ticket line started backing up shortly after we got there (if you take cash there is no wait). The cost is $10 during the fall season (admission includes a pumpkin) which will be a little pricey in a few years when both girls are full price, but for now it wasn't too bad for all of the "attractions".

As at most events, Maddie was carried around in the Baby Bjorn while Anna ran from place to place. Anna jumped in a bounce house, looked at goats, played on the playground, went down a huge slide,

Down the big slide

played in a house full of corn kernels,

Corn play area

and took a hayride out to a pumpkin patch. It wasn't a real pumpkin patch in that the pumpkins were grown there - in fact many still had stickers on them from where they were purchased - but it was really neat to see all the kids running through a sea of pumpkins. Anna picked out her favorite and actually carried it around! I had no clue my daughter was so strong.

Anna with pumpkins

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Dad's Girls said...

Anna is so cute in the pumpkins! I can't wait until our girls have enough hair for a pont tail or pig tails!