Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy Times with Birthdays and Babies

Birthdays: We are nearing the end of the "birthday season" for our playgroup. On Friday, Anna will be the last of nine girls to turn two. Two recent parties took us to new places in the area.

Pullen Park: As a college student, I spent some time at Pullen Park but I had never been as a mommy. When we arrived we joined our friends for a ride around the park on the train. Anna did great! She waved at people as we rode around and she loved to make the choo choo sound. As soon as we got off of the train Anna ran over to the playground. I must admit I was a little disappointed in the playground equipment since it had very little for toddlers to do. I guess I have just been spoiled by all of the nearby neighborhood parks. After yummy cake and feeding the ducks, we moved on to the carousel. After our experience with the carousel at the NC Zoo I expected this one to be just as much of a disaster, but I was up for the challenge. A friend of mine held Maddie for me so that I had both arms to hold a screaming child if it came to it but Anna loved the carousel so much, she almost threw a fit when it was time to get off of it. For those who do visit the carousel at Pullen Park be prepared that the carousel goes faster and the ride lasts longer than any other carousel I have ever been on (i.e. I had a little motion sickness).

Kidos: Kidos is a new drop-in day care center at the front of my neighborhood and was a great place for a party. There was a lot of stuff that was age appropriate for a toddler and it is always nice to go somewhere that they can't break anything :). Anna especially enjoyed the train table.

Babies: All four of my friends having babies in October have now had their little girls and are doing well; next in line are the triplet girls coming near the end of the year. Of special note, baby Lily is now here! Lily was born on October 16th to my bestest bestest friend, Suzanne.

We have been busy lately and it doesn't look like things will slow down anytime soon - that's ok though because we are having so much fun!

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