Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Birthday Day

I woke up at 5:15 on Friday and hit the ground running. I was so excited that it was Anna's birthday and I had lots that I needed to get done. By 7:00 I had made muffins, brewed tea, straightened up the house, watered the lawn, fed Maddie and was anxiously waiting for Anna to wake up. Once I heard 'Mommy' I bolted up the stairs and entered Anna's room taking pictures and singing Happy Birthday.

Good Morning Birthday Girl!

We had birthday muffins complete with an Elmo candle and of course I sang 'Happy Birthday' once again. I loved seeing the huge smile on Anna's face - she knew the day was all hers :).

Happy Birthday to you...

Once Maddie went down for a nap, Anna and I got busy painting the pumpkins we got at Hill Ridge Farms. Daddy had taken us to Michael's craft store the night before to get our supplies and set up a nice painting area in the garage.

Our supplies:
- washable tempera paint: this paint took a long time to dry on the pumpkins but was very easy to clean up
- paint palette: this kept the paint colors from mixing for awhile
- brushes: we bought a cheap pack of various size brushes
- art smock: this was WONDERFUL; the one we purchased had long sleeves with elastic around the wrist which kept it in place and Anna's shirt sleeves from getting paint on them. I think I'm ready to tackle any art project as long as she wears this :).

Painting Pumpkin

The rest of the afternoon we spent running a few errands and getting ready for the party. At 6:30pm the guests arrived and we had a great dinner catered by Bella Italia. Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

Anna's Birthday Anna's Birthday Anna's Birthday Anna's Birthday

Now only one more birthday party to go :).

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