Friday, October 10, 2008

Naptime Woes

Thump thump thump... thump... thump. I sit here listening to Anna move around in her room. In the past week and a half Anna has taken exactly two naps. No matter how early she gets up; no matter how much we run in the morning, Anna doesn't want to take a nap. Today after finally coaxing Anna to her room, I gave up the fight (rather quickly) and left her laying in the floor with her blanket and pillow. I'm guessing she didn't stay there very long before noticing her newfound freedom. If only we had a camera to see what she is doing in there (I don't dare open the door since it is rather quiet with the exception of her footsteps).

Life is changing. This week has been a battle with screaming tantrums (yes, I was the one with the irate child at BJ's) and an increase in the use of the word 'no'. Anna is almost two and I must admit I'm a little scared of what is to come.

Now I guess I better go check on her room :).

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