Thursday, October 30, 2008

Naptime / Big Girl Bed Update

Anna has definitely discovered the freedom that comes with being in a big girl bed. Each day when I go get her from her nap (or playtime as it has become) I hold my breath in anticipation of what the room will look like. Some days her babies are spread out around the room, some days she has gotten into her closet and pulled out all the shoes, some days the diapers are all laid out in a row, and yet some days the room looks just as I left it - could it be she took a nap!?! Anna is not overly adventurous and so to date the worst thing that has happened has been the removal of all of the baby wipes from their container (I no longer leave those out). Here's a picture from today's aftermath:

Naptime Aftermath

I think I'm ok with this. I would love for Anna to nap for three hours a day as she once did but I've started changing my expectations and naptime is much less stressful these days. I know I "need" a few minutes of downtime in the afternoon to regroup and Anna needs the opportunity to rest and so we are both getting what we need. I have secured and put away everything in Anna's room that could be a problem and so I feel comfortable with her being in her room without supervision for a little while. So for now this is working for us.

On a related note, as of Saturday we are pacifier free. Anna has given up sleeping with her pacifier in celebration of turning two. My husband took the lead on this one so I'll let you read about the experience on his blog.

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