Thursday, April 24, 2008

To Induce or not to Induce...

...that was the question. I went for another doctors appointment yesterday in great anticipation that they would tell me it is time to have this baby. Of course, they cannot tell from their exams when the baby is coming so once again I got the it could be any day. We talked about the importance of getting to the hospital quickly this time since Anna came relatively fast for a first baby and I was even given the option of being induced. Five days before my due date without a pressing medical reason I didn't feel it was the right decision for me (though I have to admit the idea of knowing when the baby would be born is appealing to my list making, schedule keeping world). My next appointment is May 1st and if I have not gone into labor on my own the decision will be made to induce me at that time. A May baby? hmmmm, I never even considered it.

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