Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Stroller Anonymous

I think I'm obsessed with strollers. Everywhere I go I look at what other people are pushing around and I love to look at them online and read reviews. Well.... we have now purchased two double strollers and since we only have one child at the moment, I think I need to stop looking :). Of course I haven't used either stroller yet so I can't comment on them too much, but I look forward to finding out if they are truly as great as the reviews say. We purchased:

BOB Revolution Duallie: Here's Anna trying it out with her doll. I have pushed Anna around the house in the stroller and it actually goes through all of our doorways. The stroller also folds up amazingly well for a jogging stroller though it is a little awkward to carry. We also purchased the car seat adapter which will allow us to put a car seat into the stroller so that it can be used from birth. This stroller we found for $100 off online, so it's worth doing your research.

Maclaren Twin Techno: This umbrella stroller was our second purchase and we think it will be a great addition in places the jogger is not appropriate. According to the specs, it can be used from birth as well since it fully reclines and comes with infant head rests. Once again - we'll have to wait and see if the reviews turn out to be true. We were able to find a good deal on this stroller by buying last years model (2007) online.

That brings our total stroller count up to 5 for the household, my garage looks like a stroller parade!

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