Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Could Tonight Be the Night?...

Every night as I lay down to go to sleep I think could tonight be the night that Madelyn comes? I then find it hard to go to sleep and start to feel pains that I question to be contractions. Last night we even went so far as to get out the watch and time these "pains". I do think a few of them were contractions, but they came at irregular intervals and so we went to sleep. Even though I've been through this before, I've been reading about contractions on different websites because I remember very little of how things felt before I was in extreme pain and heading to the hospital. After comments from doctors like "this one will slide right out" and stories of second pregnancies progressing much faster I want to know when labor is starting and avoid being a statistic of people who have delivered a baby in their car (or does that only happen on TV?) It's now time to start the day and see if tonight could be the night.

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