Sunday, April 13, 2008

18 Month Checkup

Anna had her 18 month checkup today. I always enjoy going to see how much Anna has grown since the last visit and to get advice from our favorite doctor. For the first time Anna got to step up on the big girl scale rather than sitting on the baby scale and she got to stand for her height to be measured. Anna also received her Hepatitis A vaccine with a followup to come at her two year appointment.

Weight: 28.5 pounds (94%)
Height: 31.75 inches (60%)
Head: 49 centimeters (97%)

The questions I had this time focused on:

- Getting rid of the pacifier: He recommended that I wait no more than 2 months after the baby is born so that I don't wait until Anna is two years old. The doctor said it just takes a day - - I imagine a very fussy day and a very long night. I don't know why I'm dreading it so much, probably because it is a security net for me when we are out and about.

- Discipline: The doctor said the main discipline issue I need to address is if she shows aggression toward someone. He recommends a minute of timeout per year of age and suggests that no emotion go into it -to simply put her in a specific chair in another room. We have not tried timeout in awhile, hopefully Anna's behavior won't warrant it anytime soon.

- Helping Anna adjust to the new baby: Because Anna is so young, she doesn't understand that she will soon have a baby sister. The doctor recommends that each day I carve out 10 minutes of just Anna and I time to "recharge her batteries". I am a little nervous as to how Anna will react with my husband and I carrying around a little baby - especially after she melted down at church today when my husband picked up one of our friend's little girls. Only time will tell :).

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