Monday, April 7, 2008

3 Week Checkup

Today was my weekly checkup and I must say I'm a little frustrated. After working so hard to put on a few pounds (i.e. eating chocolate milkshakes), my weight was down from where I was last week and my measurements were "small" (he didn't give me an exact number). My frustration comes for two reasons. #1: the weight isn't sticking and #2: since I see a different doctor every week, I go from week to week with some doctors being concerned and others not, so it feels a little like a roller coaster ride. I have an ultrasound scheduled for the morning so that they can take another look at what's going on with the baby despite what's going on externally with me. I am happy to say that the baby's heartbeat is still strong and she is DEFINITELY very active - it feels like she is making plenty of room for herself. More updates tomorrow.

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