Thursday, February 14, 2008

Teachable Moments...Missed?

I was reading in a book the other day that kids left to their own devices will almost always be potty trained around age 4. I'm not sure that this is scientific or even how accurate a statement it is, but the point was that toddlers have an amazing ability to learn things even when we don't teach them (I call that God's awesome design!) and when they are ready to do something - they do it. I haven't given more than 2 minutes thought to potty training except to say that I'm holding out a while longer from going down that path but I have seen this theory demonstrated in a smaller skill - using a straw. About 3 months ago we were having dinner at a fast food chain and I had forgotten to bring Anna's sippy cup. Anna was thirsty so we tried letting her sip water out of our straw - it was a failed attempt. Lately I had been seeing Anna's friends drinking out of sippy cups with straws and even juice boxes and I decided it was time to "teach" her to use a straw. We gave her some juice in a cup with a straw and she drank out of the straw as if she had been doing it her whole life. Hmmmmm - I guess she doesn't need me to teach her everything :).

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