Monday, February 18, 2008

Playing House

Growing up I had a big yellow bucket that was filled with Fisher Price Little People. I could spend hours playing with them and spreading them throughout our entire playroom. They have changed a lot since the wooden cylinder body and plastic circle for a head and now can be found in the form of everything from a locksmith to baby Jesus laying in the manger. Anna received several of the playsets for her birthday and Christmas but has just started to actually "play" with them. It is so cute to watch her put them through the door and on the toilet. I have a feeling that these toys are going to be some of Anna's favorites for a long time.

Playing with Little People

My one complaint is that all of the animals in sets such as the Ark, Farm and Zoo come with "touch and feel" animals. While a little extra sensory action is nice, they seem so unsanitary - imagine a toddler sucking on the brillo pad patch of hair on top of a sheeps head for days, yuck!

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