Thursday, February 21, 2008


Fearless is not a word I would normally use to describe Anna. In large groups she often comes to sit in my lap and when another toddler tries to touch her she runs away. For Anna, I think all of the rules and shyness go out the window when a slide is involved.

Last night I took Anna to the mall and as we strolled past the indoor play area that we have stopped at before, she pointed and wanted to go play. I thought why not we have no timetable for the evening. Anna surprised me! Last time she never went 2 feet from me and just watched the other kids play, this time she decided to join in the fun. She crawled up the stairs amongst all the big kids and took her turn going down the slide. As soon as she hit the ground she would turn around and do it again (and again and again). If another kid slid into her, she would give them a funny look but would still get up and go back up. She looked so small compared to the other kids and I realized how much she is growing up.

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