Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Long Night

Anna woke up at midnight last night crying. I went in to see what was wrong and she was pointing at the pile of vomit in her crib :(. Unfortunately for us, Anna had tried her first hotdog that day (and one of those pink ones nonetheless), yuck! I woke up my husband and for the next two hours we took turns holding Anna and having her throw up on us while the other cleaned up. It was so pitiful to watch her whole body convulse while she tried to get all of the yuckies out. I got out the ear thermometer but was unable to record a temperature above 95 degrees. Each time I tried the ear thermometer the temperature could vary a couple of degrees so I did not feel comfortable with the accuracy of it. We tried to keep Anna warm and finally got a rectal temperature of 97.7 degrees. At that point, I felt more comfortable putting her back in her crib since she had not gotten sick again for about 30 minutes. For the next 2 hours Anna cried about every 15 minutes as she tossed and turned to get comfortable. Finally around 5:00am she fell asleep for a good 3 hours. So sad. A few months ago I mentioned that Anna threw up for the first time but it was nothing like this. I guess it was the mommy part of me, but surprisingly I didn't feel sick to my stomach too!

This morning Anna woke up at full steam drinking her Pedialyte, though eating very little. She played and played and finally got sick again :(. She is back in the bed now and hopefully getting some good rest.

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