Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Pregnancy Round 2

It's amazing how a little knowledge and previous experience can relax a person, or at least me, during a second pregnancy. I am now 20 weeks, halfway through my pregnancy and things are going so well.

First Time: I read my weekly "What to Expect" update and could you tell you at any minute how big the baby was and what developmental phase she was going through.
This Time:
What did I do with that book?

First Time: I ate everything listed in the books as good pregnancy foods and made sure to eat from all of the food groups; hence weight gain early.
This Time: I'm eating healthy in moderation so just starting to gain weight.

First Time: I was careful not to lift anything and the people at work made sure of it!
This Time: I have a 25 pound daughter to lift up and down.

First Time: I took a break early from exercising and was out of breath the rest of my pregnancy (not to mention several months afterward).
This Time: I have my daily walk and gab session with my mom friends and my weekly Aqua class which are helping me to feel great and have plenty of energy.

First Time: I was never really sure when the baby was moving all around and keeping me moving; is it the baby or is it gas?
This Time: I feel my little girl moving all around and keeping me up at night.

First Time: I would worry over things like: how hard is it to change a diaper? Should I get an epidural?
This Time: One epidural please!

First Time: I went to the bathroom every 15 minutes.
This Time: Ok, some things don't change.

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Erik said...

LOL. I got a good laugh out of this one :-)