Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Getting Ready to be a Mom of Two...

It's fun to watch people's reactions when we tell them we are expecting another baby that will only be 18 months younger than Anna. Mom friends in our play circles get wide eyes - I think realizing that they too could be pregnant with another (and they just aren't there yet). Moms of two welcome me into their midst and are ready to share anything they learned along the way. And lately, I've been around several moms that are pregnant with their third and they just encourage me to keep going :).

This past weekend we invited several of my coworkers and their families over to the house for an annual Christmas party. Two separate families each had two girls that were about 18 months apart (give or take a few months). How fun it was to see them interacting and entertaining one another - and for me, to see them all dressed up! I got a short glimpse of how things will be one day with two girls and it made me very excited.

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