Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nursery Play

On Sunday, my husband and I took our monthly rotation in the nursery. Since I'm pregnant, we decided to sign up for the infants rather than be with the toddlers since our thought was there would be fewer germs. We didn't have any babies show up, so we ended up watching the Crawler room which is the room Anna is currently in. This was the first time I was able to watch Anna play in the nursery. Many times when we pick her up the nursery workers tell us she was very good (which usually means she didn't cry and they had to hold her the whole time). We got there early to sign the children into the room so Anna had the run of the room. She knew exactly where the toys were and how they all worked. It was amazing to watch her pull toy by toy off the shelf and make it do whatever magical thing it did. Anna is one of the older kids in the room and one of the best walkers (in my mommy opinion :)) so she will soon need to move to the next class, but I think being older helped her have a better time. Often times in our playgroups Anna is the youngest and cries when someone takes a toy she is playing with - here in the nursery there is no one to bother her and so she can play and do her own thing which I think she greatly enjoys. Perhaps it will work out very well that she will be one of the oldest kids in the class once she starts school.

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