Monday, December 3, 2007

Anna's New Room

This weekend my husband and mom spent most of the time painting two of our upstairs rooms. WIth the arrival of the new little girl, Anna will be moving into a room further down the hallway from our master bedroom. The room she is moving into was my husband's office, so the office is moving into the guest bedroom. The walls are painted, the furniture is moved and all looks great. There are just a few little details and the closets to take care of. Each night we have been taking Anna into the room to play for a few minutes before bed so that she can get accustomed to being in there before we actually move her (probably in January). Anna is a trooper when it comes to change, so I'm hoping the room change and the change to the new crib (yes, we are now a 2 crib family!) will go smoothly. I guess even if it takes a month or so, we have a few months before the baby will be here.

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