Monday, December 17, 2007

Our Trip to the Beach

This past weekend we met my father-in-law and his wife at Myrtle Beach to spend a long weekend together and have our Christmas. Anything I have ever written about Anna not traveling well, I have to take back after this weekend - Anna was absolutely wonderful!! She slept through the night, napped and agreeably went along with everything we did. The only thing she did not do with her punctual regularity was potty (which made for an interesting diaper change in the back of my car one night!). I am still so proud of her and ready for the next family adventure.

While we were there, Anna opened presents. She got a Leapfrog Baby which should be fun to play. It will require lots of parent/Anna time since she's not quite old enough to understand what it wants her to do at this point.

We tried walking on the beach but it was rather windy - brrrrrrr!

Anna enjoyed giving a few high fives...

And just had a wonderful time altogether.

Thanks Opa for taking us to the beach!

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