Friday, October 26, 2007

One Year Appointment

Anna and I got up early (for us) and hit the doctors office for Anna's one year checkup. It was a rough visit with a finger prick to check her Hemoglobin levels and then three shots (Prevnar, MMR, Vari Vax). Once again, Anna was way more upset by being held down than the actual pricking. Everything looking good and Anna even shot up in height.

Weight: 24 lbs 1.5 oz (80%)
Height: 30.25 in (80%)
Head: 47.75 cm (95%)

The main discussion this time was regarding nutrition. The doctor would like for Anna to go ahead and switch to whole milk and to receive 6 oz. in a sippy up 3 times a day with her meals. This will be a big transition for us since Anna is accustomed to having a bottle when she goes to bed at night. It will probably take us a little while to adjust. Anna also has 2 upper molars coming in. The doctor showed them to me and they looked painful (puffy and blue around the gum). No wonder Anna has been drooling so much lately.

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