Saturday, October 20, 2007

1st Birthday Party

Yesterday was Anna's first birthday party! We decided to have a family party to limit the number of attendees but still ended up 16 people. Anna wore the cutest little outfit courtesy of her Mimi who works at a children's clothing store.

We had a nice lunch and then it was time for cake. I made cupcakes for the adults, but Anna had her own little cake thanks to a program Harris Teeter (local grocery store) has where they give a free cake to children for their first birthday. We sang 'Happy Birthday' and then I put the cake in front of Anna to do with as she pleased. For some reason I thought Anna would dive right into the cake or smash it on the floor, but instead she slowly and deliberately picked the pink icing off of the cake and ate it.

After the sugar rush, it was time to open presents. Anna was not interested at all in opening the presents, but was really interested in some of the toys inside.


Bee Bop Band

Finally it was time for the party to end and Anna to take a nap. What a wonderful day!

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