Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Goodnight my sweet Anna

Tonight as I rocked Anna before laying her down to sleep, I reminisced about our first year together. Just a year ago, at midnight tonight, I woke up with contractions and Anna was on her way. I thought about how a year ago I worried if I would know what to do as a mom - how do I change a diaper? how does this breastfeeding thing work? I worried whether or not I should leave work for good; what am I going to do all day? Those fears have all gone away and are replaced with a sense of satisfaction that this first year has been wonderful and tons of fun! Tonight I put Anna in her car seat facing backward for the last time and I thought about the first time I put Anna in her car seat to leave the hospital - what a scary and fumbling experience. There are so many thoughts and so many memories (and thankfully so many pictures!) to reflect upon. Tomorrow starts a "new" phase - my little girl will be one year old. Tomorrow we will celebrate!

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