Monday, August 2, 2010


Anna's favorite thing to do these days is to write letters and make cards for her friends. While she can write many letters well, there are a few that give her problems and usually end up in a meltdown. So I've gotten a few resources to help her work on her writing skills.

First I made laminated writing practice cards that I printed off of the Confessions of the Homeschooler blog. Anna enjoys tracing over the letters on the card with a dry erase marker (I prefer the washable ones since the marker inevitably ends up on clothing).

Then I saw a Leapfrog toy on another friends blog that looked like fun. It is the Leapfrog Scribble and Write. The toy displays shapes, upper and lower case letters in red lights and the child then traces over the shape. I especially like that it tells the child where to start writing the letter and then where to put the pen next. We bought this for Anna but we have found that Maddie loves it as well and the only problem for us is that we only have one :).

Working on letters Working on letters

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Lori Beth said...

I saw the leapfrog toy the other day and wondered if it would be good or not. I think I will pick it up and put it away for K for Christmas. Thanks for the review!!!