Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Tradition

It's the little things.... I tend to think big when I think of family traditions. Some ideas come and I quickly let them leave thinking of all the work that would need to be done to "keep up" the tradition. But yet there are other "things" that just simply start and morph into a tradition of their own. For our family, Friday lunches is one of those.

I am not exactly sure when it started but from as long as I can remember Erik has worked at home most Fridays. He has a little desk in our guest bedroom and so he can close himself off from the chaos of squealing girls and sisterly fights and actually get some work done. And then around 11:30 he emerges and screams LUNCHTIME and off we go. Lunch out on Fridays with Erik is one of the highlights for the girls and myself -it is usually the first meal eaten out since the previous weekend and it is just fun. We rarely venture past the three restaurants at the front of our neighborhood and so the people know us well and we have "our" table. Uncle John joins us often and so it is also time to catch up with our friend.

Friday Lunch is our little family tradition.

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