Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chore Chart

A few nights ago Anna and I were reading God's Wisdom for Little Girls and there was a page on being diligent. The little girl in the picture had a chore chart and Anna noticed it and asked what it was. I remembered the chore chart I had been working on for her was in the next room so I ran and got it and introduced Anna to her chore chart. We finished reading, said our prayers and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up to "Mommy, come see I made my bed". We went downstairs and Anna immediately went to feed our dog. We came back upstairs and Anna asked if she could brush her teeth; she was working her way through the chart quite diligently.

Here's Anna with her chore chart (she had added a few of her bible memory cards in as well). The chart itself is something I found in the $1 bin at Target and the cards I simply made with clipart, printed out and laminated.

Anna's Chore Chart

The items on Anna's chart include basic things such as make her bed, clean up her room, brush her teeth, say her memory verses - - so not necessarily "chores" for now but I think this chart will be good for our daily routine.

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Money $aving Mama said...

I am a SAHM of three little girls 5yrs. 2yrs. and 1yr. and I have looked over several charts online for my girls and this is the BEST by far. Thank you so much for posting it!