Saturday, May 30, 2009

Water Table

As I was sitting outside with the girls the other day I decided they "needed" :) a water table. As I looked online I found everything from a basic water table to a water and sand table that comes with an umbrella -a range of $35 to $100+. On Sunday, Target had the Step 2 Arctic Splash Water Table on sale for $24.99 which was the best price I had seen. We ended up having to go to 3 Targets before finding it in stock (and even then it was in the stockroom) but to me it was worth it.

Here the girls are playing at the water table:

Girls playing with their water table

Girls playing with their water table

For the most part, the girls are having fun playing with the animals that were included and splashing each other, however it is also causing some fights. Anna's favorite part is to send the penguin down the mountain waterslide; Maddie doesn't want the mountain (which annoyingly separates into 3 pieces) on the table. Anna wants to pour water on the animals; Maddie wants to climb into the table to water herself.

I thought this would be the perfect summer activity for Maddie since she loves to play in our dog's water bowl but it actually seems to be more on Anna's level for now. Either way, this table was definitely worth the price!

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