Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I'll be Your Cheerleader for Life

The phrase around the house as of late is 'need to go potty?'. For some reason (and despite everyone telling me that Anna would go potty in her own time and not to push it) I thought spring would be a perfect time for potty training and so we have started with varying degrees of success from day to day.

This morning as Anna went on the potty and we celebrated by singing and dancing around the house I realized something valuable - Anna needs a cheerleader, as we all do. Someone to tell her when she's doing something right and not just correct her when she does something wrong. She needs someone to encourage her when she doesn't think she can do something (the saddest part of my week last week was when Anna was sitting on the potty and said 'Mommy this is too hard for me - I can't do this'). She needs some to celebrate with her in her successes and say 'it's ok' when she messes up. I've seen Anna's confidence grow in just a few weeks as she has seen she can do this and it makes me smile.

Potty training is probably not going to be complete anytime soon and I agree with the others that she will get it when she is ready. But in the process, I'm going to continue to be her cheerleader.

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