Thursday, May 21, 2009

Going Smaller

Now that Maddie is a year old and doesn't require as much "stuff" to travel around town, I decided it was time for a new diaper bag. I have absolutely loved my Storksak for the past year, but I thought it was time for something a little smaller and more colorful. After my husband and I did lots of looking online I was bummed because most of the diaper bags were at least as big as my current bag but then it hit me - if I still want to carry around diapers, wipes, 2 sippy cups, "just in case" snacks, anti-bacterial wipes, cell, wallet, etc. etc., I could only go so small. I realized it wasn't the size of the bag that was bothering me but the disorganization inside of it.

I was looking online at little dudes and divas (who has great sales!) and found the perfect thing for me -the Ju Ju Be Be Mine Wristlet. Inside I can put everything that was previously in my wallet as well as all of those "extras" that were floating around my diaper bag and driving me crazy. I pair this with my diaper clutch and any of the 20 purses already in my closet make a good diaper bag.

I have only had this wristlet for a few days but can already see some of the pros and cons.

- machine washable (not sure I've ever had to wash a purse or wallet but seems like a good idea)
- at 5" by 5" it is one of the few "wallets" that my odd-shape cell phone fits into
- extendible pen (may seem silly but I've ruined many good purses on account of a ball point pen that lost its cap at the bottom of my bag)
- I can use the wristlet strap to attach the wallet to the strap on my purse (again, silly? but ever since I was at the checkout line at the grocery store and realized my wallet had fallen out of my purse at home, I'm extra cautious.)
- combines everything that was in my wallet plus my little "extra" bag of antibacterial wipes, chapstick, receipts, and the ever useful tiny tub of play-doh
- I can easily carry this without another bag

- when open it's a little floppy so I keep waiting for all of the contents to fall out (if this happens I think I will have to go back to the drawing board)
- may drive you crazy if you carry lots of credit cards or are accustomed to displaying them all since there is just a single pocket to hold them plus your Brusters ice cream punch cards
- I rarely carry cash anymore which I'm guessing is the growing trend but it was a little annoying having to put my dollars in the zippered pouch with my change

There's only one way to put a wallet to the test, I better go shopping, hahaha.

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