Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet Imagination

A few months ago I wrestled with Anna's naps or lack thereof. It was either struggle with her to take a nap during the day and then have her up until 10 at night or not have her take a nap and lose my sanity of entertaining a 2 year old from 7am to 5pm straight. We finally found a compromise. Everyday around 1:30 Anna goes up into her room for some play time by herself. I get out her Fisher Price Little People house and farm and all the accoutrements and she is happy to entertain herself for about an hour.

It is so sweet to listen to her talk to the little people. She is often telling them to go potty or puts them in chairs around the dining table for dinner. I love to hear her use her imagination - I had to sneak in a take a pic.


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